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Are you looking for a support to go into the Japanese market?


Through business, people and culture,
we build a Happy & Happy relationship
to be proud for the next generations.

1. Co-Creation & Co-Existence
Maximizing each strength, we create a business together through collaboration for co-existence.
2. Pride in our work
Put pride in doing work that is appreciated by people and society.

3. Cultivating the next generation
Giving experience and inspiration regardless of country, race, culture, religion, and gender.


Connecting two individual dots each other, it becomes a line.
Connecting through three dots, it makes a face which you can hold a relationship.
EnLinx Partners will be your 3rd dot as your partner.

"En" means karma, relationship and opportunity in Japanese.
Respecting each "En" which everyone has, we believe that we can develop a strong relationship.


Business Development

EnLinx Partners becoms a catalyst to make the best chemistry match for your innovation and business collaboration.


Business Management

To improve business, EnLinx Partners can provide business management service with hands-on as one of your team members.


Business coaching

Our professional team would provide a custom made curriculum for the JXUS business and culture study with a practical project.


About US


Hiroshi Onaka
DEO & Business Producer


EnLinx Partners LLC


1404 140th Place N.E., Bellevue, WA 98007 USA


June 30, 2009

Japan Branch

EnLinx Partners LLC (エンリンクス・パートナーズ合同会社)


FUKUOKA growthnext
2-6-11 Daimyou, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0041 Japan


February 1, 2018

About the Founder

Hiroshi Onaka is DEO (Design Executive Officer) who brings to EnLinx Partners extensive international business development and IT industry experience. Mr. Onaka has a passion for developing people relationships among his network and creating a new business between the US and Asia. He has developed expertise in founding start-up companies and achieving sustainable growth in both the US and Japan. Mr. Onaka also has a passion for preserving the Japanese traditional arts and crafts, sharing their value with the world, and passing them on to the next generations. He is more than 30 years long a martial arts practitioner. For the detailed profile, please visit Hiroshi Onaka@LinkedIn

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